The best drink for the liver

A match that will get everyone talking: Your liver and The Plug. Created with your health in mind, The Plug acts as your liver’s sidekick. There’s 13 different unique plants, fruits and flowers that deep-clean your liver (and body). 

But 3 key ingredients give you a whole list of benefits:

• Dandelion: Boosts immunity, sustains a healthy liver, contains heavy antioxidants
• Schisandra: Protects the liver, 5 flavor berry
• Licorice Root: Supports digestive health, cleans and protects the liver, boosts immunity

Our unique formula differentiates us from the other “recovery drinks” out there — all-natural, designed to protect your liver. So how exactly does The Plug work for you?

Boost your liver's health naturally

Every hero needs a sidekick. Since your liver keeps your body operating smoothly and efficiently, The Plug’s formula helps clean and protect against fatty buildup.

With 13 different plants, fruits, and flowers at work in The Plug’s unique formula, you know you’re getting the natural clean your body needs. To get the most benefit for your whole body, drink The Plug daily! The formula also works while you sleep so you wake feelin’ fresh and ready to go.

Effortless, simple, and clean.

That’s the power of The Plug.

A formula that improves the health of your liver

After testing the most optimal formula, we designed The Plug’s uniqueness with 0 added caffeine or added sugar. What you’re putting into your body should only help, not add more issues. 

Uniquely designed to restore your body back to its natural state.

And that’s the focus for our formula: restore.

Everything we ingest and drink influences our digestion, energy, productivity, and the list goes on.

So why not prioritize clean ingredients and a drink that keeps you going every day?

Especially when you start seeing and feeling the difference.

One formula. Endless Results.

Plain and simple: What The Plug does for you and your body. Let’s run down the list:

• Liver Protection and Immunity: After The Plug deep cleans your liver, you also get a protective layer that wards against future fatty buildup.
• Immune System Support: A healthy liver = a healthy body. This means your immune system gets stronger and stays resilient.
• Clear Head: Because your hydrated more often and more easily, headaches are a sign of the past.
• Digestive Health: With everything flowing smoother, your digestion moves more efficiently.

To start seeing these benefits just drink The Plug daily! Your body, liver, and mind will thank you.

There’s something to be said about support for your body and mind that is so simple and still so clean. Endless results come from this one formula designed to be your last shot of the night.

Welcome to “The Plug Life.”