The Plug Drink
The Plug Drink
The Plug Drink
The Plug Drink
The Plug Drink
The Plug Drink

The Plug Drink

A shot made for when A-players drink  🍷
Scientifically proven to make you feel better after drinking, by utilizing 13 powerful herbs and flowers, and a high-tech distillation dew process. Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington endorsed The Plug!


Premium, Natural, Simple Ingredients!

There’s no need for chemicals! Our all natural mix, is composed of 13 herbal ingredients that help restore, recover, and recharge your body, after drinking.

These ingredients were carefully selected after years of research and lots of cold hard💰invested not only in our superior formula, but also in the high-tech distillation dew process.

Now you can enjoy drinking and still be on your A-game the next day.

Taste Matters!

We took The Plug a step further by honing down on its taste for 8 months, which most other drink brands forget about.

Having an exceptional formula that is scientifically proven to help you feel great after drinking was not enough. So we created one of the most palatable drinks on the market.

"too good, tastes too good." Prasad R.

"This drink tastes so good and will help you get back up so you can party all over again!" Richard C.

Made With Care!

You deserve the best.

In order to bring to you a high quality product that works every time, we had to take third party manufacturers out of the picture, and take matters into our own hands, and do it ourselves.

Our manufacturing process outcompetes industry standards by:

⚙️Utilizing high tech machinery for a unique distillation process.

🏔Sourcing pure bedrock water from the Unak Mountain in Pocheon.

🍃Using carefully selected, exceptional local ingredients.

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