Every Night Should Be Your Best Night - And we help you keep it going into the next day with all-natural ingredients that your body will thank you for.

Meet Our Founders

Natives of Los Angeles, Ray and Justin, also known as The Kim Bros, grew up in a cultural melting pot where diversity, entrepreneurship, and fame all co-existed together. Raised in an entrepreneurial household, Ray and Justin were inherently curious and always coming up with new business ventures. From a young age, The Kim Bros were always together and still do everything together, challenging and improving each other in sports or in school. Both got recruited to play collegiate baseball and always have been very health focused. Ray received his Bachelors of Arts from The University of Chicago and Justin received his Bachelors of Arts from Northwestern University. With a work hard, play hard mentality both Ray and Justin began seeking a healthier alternative to boost productivity to support their lifestyle choices. And it wasn’t until three years ago, when Ray moved back to Los Angeles that the foundation of The Plug began.

The Plug's DNA

The Kim Bros saw that there was a growing demand for a hangover solution, but a limited supply of truly effective hangover recovery products available. This imbalance was an opportunity to bring a proven alternative from Korea and share it with the U.S. consumers. The result?

Together, The Kim Bros created The Plug. 

What Makes Us Different

The Plug differentiates itself from all other anti-hangover drinks in two ways: our proprietary formula and our unbeatable taste. The Plug has 13 herbal plants and flowers that were carefully selected after years of research and development and millions of dollars invested not only in the proprietary formula, but also in the proprietary state-of-the-art distillation process. For The Plug’s fantastic flavor, Ray and Justin honed down the taste for 8 months going back and forth with Korea to make sure it would be the best in the market. With clinical research studies done by teams of PhD Professors, this further reiterates that the proof is in The Plug. 

Plug In!

This is where The Kim Bros mission of creating the perfect recovery drink began, and how The Plug evolved from concept to reality. In a journey that has spanned years, countries, and continents -  The Plug was created so that everyone can enjoy drinking without having to worry about the next day. Because no matter how active you are or how hard you work, everyone needs a night out now and again. So Plug In and Welcome to The Plug Life!

- Ray and Justin (The Kim Bros)

Restore. Recover. Recharge.

Behind the Scenes

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