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Start Your Night

Never hesitate to have fun 

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"Plug In"

Drink before, during, or right after the party

Step 3

Keep Partying!

Good Vibes Only

Step 4

Wake Up Refreshed

Fully Hangover Free

Start Celebrating, Stop Worrying

We created The Plug for you to have Fun, play Hard, and feel Great tomorrow.

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Our 13 Natural Herbs

The Plug contains 13 herbal ingredients that helps replenish your body, guiding you to a smooth recovery after a fun night out.


Put yourself in balance with a rejuvenating blend of natural herbs.

Pueraria Lobata: for detoxification
Pueraria Lobata Ohwi: for hangover relief
Artemisia Herb: for liver and kidney strengthening
Alder Tree: for liver function enhancement


Get back to feeling your best after a long night of fun.

Oriental Raisin Tree (DHM): for fatigue recovery
Chrysanthemum: for detoxification
Licorice: for alcohol decomposition
Pine Needles: for stress relief
Morus Alba L: for liver strengthening


Boost your body and feel amped to take on whatever comes your way.

Honeysuckle Flower: for liver protection
Dandelion: for liver detoxification
Purslane: for antioxident relief
Schisandra: for fatigue recovery



Check out what people are saying about The Plug.

Brennen Taylor


"The Plug is a total life saver! Now I don't have to worry about have a night out on the town and having to get work done the next day!  Tastes so good too!  Now I just pray I remember to set an alarm clock!  A PLUG A DAY KEEPS THE HANGOVER AWAY!"

Conor Healy

Director, Raised In Space

"This stuff works.  My days of chugging Pedialyte the morning after are over; The Plug is an effective pre-emptive strike.  During a marathon college reunion weekend, a Plug a day kept me feeling rejuvenated all weekend long.  Need this in convenience stores now."

Arian Sheth

Finance, GOAT Group

"I’ve tried a bunch of hangover “cures” and so far The Plug is the only one that has actually worked. Hangovers suck but there isn’t much you can do about it, until now. Now that hangovers are no longer an issue my only problem is that I’ll start going out way too often. Why wait for the weekend when you got The Plug?"   

Adarsh Reddy

Wealth Management Advisor, LPL Financial

I have been very skeptical on all the pills and potions in the market that claim to be hangover cures. I tried The Plug Drink for the very first time this past weekend and felt great the next morning! No need to worry about an evening out in the town to slow me down now thanks to The Plug!

David Phung

A&R, Atlantic Records / Artist Publishing Group

To be quite frank, I was a little skeptical in the beginning when I heard of The Plug -- another anti-hangover product, but caffeine free without added sugar? It sounded too good to be true so I really put it to the test and let me tell you something -- not only did I wake up early with no hangover, I woke up feeling fully recharged and somehow was able to play a full soccer game. Oh yeah ... it also tastes amazing!!

We Embrace Your Right To Celebrate

You deserve to have fun, let loose, and go hard without having to worry about the next day. Made with 13 natural detoxifying herbs, The Plug was created to help you do what you love most without the hassle of a hangover.

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Plug in and get back to being productive after a wild night.

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