Revealed: Learn The Science Behind The Plug

First, let’s define what is happening in your body that causes a hangover.

You know it when you’ve got one: feelings of fatigue, nausea, headaches, and loss of focus. When you drink (especially in excess), your liver works overtime to breakdown the alcohol-induced toxins causing stress on your body.

The Plug was designed to support the breakdown of these toxins and help your liver flush them out of your body in a speedy fashion.

That's what happens when you drink The Plug before, during or up to 2 hours after your last drink!

OK, that sounds great…

...but how do you stack up against the competition?

Before The Plug, most existing hangover remedies focused on two things:

DHM (Dihydromyricetin)

Extracted from the Oriental Raisin Tree, the leaves of which have been used medicinally for thousands of years. Research has shown it supports liver function and reduces the negative effects of alcohol. It’s a powerful ingredient that is in nearly all hangover remedies (including The Plug).

Vitamins (such as B & C)

Don’t get us wrong, you should be taking your daily vitamins! But, after working with leading researchers in Korea, we discovered an uncomfortable truth—they’re not very effective in curing hangovers. Smart marketers like to capitalize off the fact their hangover remedy has vitamins because it “sounds nice”, but we care about what works, not what sells more product.

Studies at one of the leading private research universities in South Korea confirmed the ingredients in The Plug—the proprietary, all-natural formula—helps improve liver function and increases the main enzymes (ADH and ALDH) that fight nausea and “hangxiety”.

Our proprietary process makes use of South Korea's expansive ecological area to develop The Plug. Utilizing a high-tech distillation dew process, we've created a recovery drink that helps boost metabolism and decomposition by absorption in drinking.

That way you can celebrate all night and feel your absolute best the next day!