How it Works

Alcohol’s process in the liver




(Toxic Conversion of Alcohol)

Acetic Acid

(Non-Toxic Result)

Liver enzyme that breaks down Alcohol to Acetaldehyde through oxidation

Liver enzyme that breaks down toxic Acetaldehyde to non-toxic Acetic Acid

The Plug’s Proprietary Formula

Increases the two main enzymes (ADH and ALDH), which speeds up the breakdown of Acetaldehyde to Acetic Acid so that you aren't feeling nauseous the next morning.

OK, that sounds great...

...but how do you stack up against the competition?

The Proprietary
All-Natural Formula!

Clinical research studies at one of the leading private research universities in South Korea confirmed the ingredients in the Plug...

Recovery Science 101:

We've taken a scientific approach to recovery, harnessing the power of 13 plants, flowers, and fruits with the purest form of bedrock water from the Unak Mountains in South Korea that helps you optimize your pro-active lifestyles.

Before The Plug, most recovery solutions focused on two things:

DHM (Dihydromyricetin)

Extracted from the Oriental Raisin Tree, the leaves of which have been used medicinally for thousands of years. Research has shown it supports liver function and it is also a powerful ingredient that we have in the Plug's formula.

Vitamins (such as B & C)

Don’t get us wrong, you should be taking your daily vitamins! But, after working with leading researches in Korea, we discovered on uncomfortable truth..they're not very effective in recovery. The Plug cares more about what works, not what sells more product.