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The Plug is blend of 13 plants, flowers, and fruits that break down the acetaldehyde in your liver and reduces the suppresion of glutamate in your brain.

The Plug has a light, tropical taste that's as smooth on the palate as fresh mint. After all, 13 natural herbs should have a natural taste.

The Plug is manufactured and bottled in South Korea, blended with water from the base of Pochen's Unak Mountain.

The Plug has a shelf-life of two years. We highly recommend storing The Plug at an average room temperature to avoid affecting the formula.

While The Plug does not contain any caffeine, soy, gluten, nuts, or lactose, please Consult our list of herbal ingredients to make sure there is nothing which might lead to you having an adverse reaction.

We have a 30 day return policy. You can read more about our refund policy HERE

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