The Plug Drink
The Plug Drink
The Plug Drink
The Plug Drink
The Plug Drink
The Plug Drink
The Plug Drink

The Plug Drink


100 mL | 3.4 FL OZ

Three easy ways to say goodbye to hangovers and party on!
Before Drinking
While Drinking
Up to one or two hours after your last drink
No Added Sugar
No Caffeine
Gluten Free
HACCP Certification

Our 13 Natural Herbs

The Plug contains 13 herbal ingredients that helps replenish your body, guiding you to a smooth recovery after a fun night out.


Pueraria Lobata: for detoxification
Pueraria Lobata Ohwi: for hangover relief
Artemisia Herb: for liver and kidney strengthening
Alder Tree: for liver function enhancement


Oriental Raisin Tree (DHM): for fatigue recovery
Chrysanthemum: for detoxification
Licorice: for alcohol decomposition
Pine Needles: for stress relief
Morus Alba L: for liver strengthening


Honeysuckle Flower: for liver protection
Dandelion: for liver detoxification
Purslane: for antioxident relief
Schisandra: for fatigue recovery

We use 200M of Bedrock Water at the Foot of Unak Mountain in Pocheon.

Our proprietary process makes use of South Korea's expansive ecological area to develop The Plug. Utilizing a high-tech distillation dew process, we've created a recovery drink that helps boost metabolism and decomposition by absorption in drinking.

Our Mission

We created The Plug for you to have fun, play hard, and not worry about tomorrow. Why? Because you deserve it! And nothing should come between you and a great night.

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Q: How does The Plug work?

Whenever you drink, especially in excess, your liver works overtime to breakdown the alcohol-induced toxins putting stress on your body. If this doesn't happen fast, feelings of fatigue, nausea, and sluggishness will hit you hard the next day. You know, a hangover. The Plug was designed to support the breakdown of these toxins and help your liver flush them out of your body in a speedy fashion. That way you can celebrate all night and feel your absolute best the next day.

Q: Will The Plug prevent me getting inebriated?

The Plug doesn't prevent intoxication or inebriation of any kind, and it doesn't increase your sobriety. The Plug is all about feeling great the next day, so please drink responsibly and in a safe environment.

Q: When do I drink The Plug?

"Plug In" whenever it works best for you! In order to get the best results, drink The Plug before, during, or within two hours after drinking.

Q: What does The Plug taste like?

The Plug has a light, tropical taste that's as smooth on the palate as fresh mint. After all, 13 natural herbs should have a natural taste.

Q: Where is The Plug manufactured?

The Plug is manufactured and bottled in South Korea, blended with water from the base of Pochen's Unak Mountain.

Q: What is the shelf-life of The Plug?

The Plug has a shelf-life of two years. We highly recommend storing The Plug at an average room temperature to avoid affecting the formula.

Q: Can I take The Plug with dietary restrictions?

While The Plug does not contain any caffeine, soy, gluten, nuts, lactose, or artificial flavors, please consult our list of herbal ingredients to make sure there is nothing which might lead to you having an adverse reaction.

Q: Is The Plug FDA approved?

Although the FDA does not directly approve any dietary supplements, they do have rules about them. In manufacturing The Plug, we make sure to follow FDA guidelines and maintain compliance with any/all mandates. This ensures that every bottle of The Plug is tested for strength and quality to make sure it meets FDA regulated standards. Quality and safety are our chief concerns, and we test both to make sure our customers have the best experience possible.