Hey! Are you Hungover? 

We created The Plug for you to have fun, play hard, and not worry about tomorrow. Because the night of your life doesn't need to be followed by a morning of regret.


Put yourself in balance with a rejuvenating blend of natural herbs.


Get back to feeling your best after a long night of fun.


Boost your body and feel amped to take on whatever comes your way.

The only real solution to hangovers

Our main goal for The Plug was to bring to our customers, the most effective anti-hangover drink with the best taste in the market.

With years of research (and a lot of our personal cold hard 💰💰💰), we worked with top Korean scientists to develop a superior proprietary formula, which we sourced the purest bedrock water from the Unak mountains in South Korea.

THE RESULT: The Plug has increased the productivity of more than 10,000+ hangover-free customers 🙌 

Check out our manufacture in South Korea 🇰🇷

Parallel your work life with your drinking life

A recent survey showed 83% of employees felt that being hungover made a negative impact to their work. Of these, 22% admitted making mistakes as a result of being hungover and a third admitted that they “drift off and don’t work at their usual pace”. The Plug is the perfect drink that will help you get rid of the lingering hangover you usually have at work.

Scientifically proven to prevent hangovers (no B.S)

Most existing hangover remedies focus on Vitamins (such as B & C), claiming "quick fixes". That's why we created The Plug. With a proprietary blend of 13 natural herbs and flowers and no added sugar. The Plug has been scientifically proven to help improve liver function and increase the main enzymes (ADH and ALDH) that fight nausea and fatigue.