One formula. Endless Results.

Everyone needs recovery, and that’s a fact! But it’s rare to actually get results from a “recovery product”. That’s what we’ve set out to solve. We’ve worked hard to create a product that will provide the best results and give you the recovery that you need, when you need it!


Put yourself in balance with a rejuvenating blend of natural herbs.


Get back to feeling your best after a long day.


Boost your body and feel amped to take on whatever comes your way.

Where science meets a higher purpose innovation 🤝

Our main goal for The Plug was to bring to our customers a functional recovery drink that would help them optimize their own lifestyles.

Besides increasing the productivity of more than 10,000+ customers 🙌 , WE as a Company understand the true power of plants.  One simple drink is creating a better future with more opportunity, healthier choices, and ultimately more fun.

Welcome to a Plant-Based Future 🌿

Check out our manufacturer in South Korea.

Welcome to a plant-based future.

We believe that the future of our planet is plant-based. That’s why everything that goes into our formula is made from plants! We’ve harnessed the powerful healing properties from 13 different herbal plants, fruits, and flowers to create a drink that will let you recover rapidly and efficiently. The power of The Plug is the power of plants.

Science backed to help you recover.

The Plug is science backed through clinical research studies at one of the leading private research universities in South Korea. You don’t have to live like it’s the 1800's anymore – The Plug is a drink from the future and is going to help you live a happier healthier lifestyle.